Artist Statement

My Jewelry is inspired by music. It’s the Rock N’ Roll, Punk Rock, or Jazz in a pop stream world. It show’s rhythm, color, and independence where most would show conformity to the expected back beat. It identifies with the independent, the one that likes to stay outside of the box and be noticed. 

I work predominantly in copper and brass. I utilize patinas and oxidation to show the flexibility these metals possess. Like music, my pieces are influenced from my experiences and relationships, just like the words of a song. I prefer coppers for the color variances that appear over time or that can be pulled quickly from the metal. This parallels life for me. None of the colorations are identical, just as no life is identical. They each tell their own story. 

Much of my work is preconceived through sketching. As I work in the studio, each piece begins to take on an identity that guides the final direction it will go. When I can identify someone or something in the process, I know that piece is coming to a finish. Other times my ideas spring to life when I pick up an intriguing peace of scrap metal in my studio and I see something I hadn’t noticed before.

John Ladd